Santite Support Services

Discord© Gaming

Action Time: Less than 1HR

Hours: Mon-Friday 8am-5pm

Text Support

705 482 1212

Hours: 24/7

Phone Support

1 855 534 6788

Hours: Mon-Friday 8am-5pm

Hate waiting for the next available agent? we understand!

We live in an age that moves fast and forward. Our support is designed from the ground with this fundamental idea. People dont have time to wait on the phone for hours on end. Use our Textline, and you'll always hear from us.

In-house issue tracking and repairs.

We localize each tech to a specific service zone ultimately means the same tech thats helping you understands your recurring issues. being local means we are apart of your comunity and will understand the needs and demands everyone is going through.

Bug Tracking

We have developed tools, implemented them to track and report bugs, and issues within our network. Ultimately meaning we can identify & track issues up too three times faster, and apply the resolution faster than we could in 2018.

Help is just a few clicks away.

Santite employees are here and to help! If you’re already a customer, contact support through our control panel.