Santite WiFi

Santite WiFi | WiFi City

What is it!

Santite WiFi and WiFi City are two projects released by Santite Networks Deployment Team and the Care Team with the goal of solving an issue we've all run into. We've run out of data half way into our billing period!
The goal is to bring a standardizerd roaming WiFi Network that your phone, laptop or any WiFi enabled device can connect too and roam around a city, minimizing data charges.
Personally I think its a great idea! I know i've found it annoying paying per GB over my mobile data limit. If we could create a large WiFi network..."City" if you will, and share data amongst ourselves, we could all benefit!
~ Aleksander Rawlins, CEO

Alot of work is underway! Alot of departments and people are involved in such a project! Currently there is service avaliable and its not just an idea anymore!. The Boat in North Bay along the waterfront is already broadcasting live and its only expanding from there! We recommend to atleast stop by and check it out. See what this all about! and if you have any ideas or want to help with the project Santite Care is always available.