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    Santite Internet Service

  • Santite
    & OneTreePlanted
    Every Member = 1 Tree Planted per Month
    Unlimited Data Usage on all packages
    Free AP Rental for 2G & 5G Networks
    24/7/365 Support
  • Internet Wherever

    Icefishing? Nothing biting? | Unlimited Data, Unlimited Music, Unlimited Fun | on-lake Installations.

    Residential Business

  • Most homes can be setup & fast to deploy in most areas.

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You Deserve Faster

You work hard for your money, you want to see progress where you spend it. We consistently look for faster more reliable features, giving you a better overall experience.

Fast Network

New software and technology enhances quality of experience. We strive to keep our system up to date and maintain a lighting quick network.

Evolving New Technology

New technology can deliver the most staggering wireless speeds to date. Stream that video or listen to music with ease.

Packages from

$ 35 /per month

This isnt a promotion... Its about showing our service and what we strive to work for. Faster more avaliable high-speed.

  • Download 5 Mbps
  • Upload 2 Mbps
  • Burst Download 5 Mbps
  • Burst Upload 2 Mbps
  • Bandwidth Unlimited!
  • Membership Basic
  • DDoS protc Not Covered
  • Network 2G coverage area
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Not convinced?

Check out our pricing!

9 cups of
  • 5 Mbps Download
  • 2 Mbps Upload
  • Unlimited Usage
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Gemstone 30
17 cups of
Gemstone 30
  • 30 Mbps Download
  • 10 Mbps Upload
  • Unlimited Usage
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Moonstone 20
15 cups of
Moonstone 20
  • 20 Mbps Download*
  • 10 Mbps Upload*
  • Unlimited Usage
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Moonstone 50
21 cups of
Moonstone 50
  • 50 Mbps Download*
  • 20 Mbps Upload*
  • Unlimited Usage
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Just Some Santite Features

We are proud of

Active Service Optimization

We actively watch our network & infrastructure to determine what area needs attention the most.

Secure & Reliable

Security is the utmost important thing when it comes to online & keeping your network safe. We continuously check our software for updates and apply them to resolve security risks before they hit hard.

Lightning Quick

While providing a Reliable and secure network, our powerful back-end equitment works hard delivering you that movie you've been planning to see or that new song that got released from your favorite artist. As quick as possible of course.

Santite One

With the power of Security, Reliability and Speed comes with the question of how to control it. The Santite One control panel offers benefits for better managing support and managing your services. All from an easy to use website.

Secure Payments

With Santite you have more then one option to pay for your service. Using PayPal, Stripe and other secure parties your information is in a secured enviroment. No if's and's or but's.

Santite Care

We know the Internet can be a dangerous and buggy area. Sometimes we need some additional help to get us going forward. Let the Santite Care team assist you when that webpage just wont load, or when your getting that loading symbol that wont go away!

Hey, you made it this far down the page!

Here is what makes some of our team & members proud!

Home Internet

It's important to stay connected this day in age. Santite realizes that and offers competitive internet service.

Business Internet

Whether you're an entrepreneur of one, or a family of one hundred. We see the need, and have a plan that fits your needs.

Seasonal Billing

Living at a cottage? Only need temporary service? our panel makes it easier for activation and suspensions.

YouTubers & Twitch

Today your new Vlog series starts, Today you reach your first streams milestone. Today you got this! and we have your back..connection


Sometimes you need a start, sometimes you already have the start, sometimes you just need someone to be there. Stay Connected.

Mass Text Alerts

In critical system failure the API will relay the necessary information within seconds ultimately reducing downtime.

Weather Alerts & Warnings

Our Weather API will check weather at site locations and re-route the traffic if a link fails.

Power Controller

Santite Networks API powered power controller ensures API uptime.

Santite Bug Tracker

Our API constantly checkes network integrity and link quality to determine identify & track system bugs.

GBps Total Network Capacity
Percent Uptime Guarantee*
+ Santite API Calls

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