Santite API

Core of the API

What is it?

The Santite API is simply an Application Programing Interface that allows Santite servers to communicate efficiently with each other and to transport necessary information and decisions to their proper destination.
Eventually one day the Santite API will be more then it is now, the primary core behind our company. From texting to calling about weather alerts or more. Provisioning servers and re-routing internet data based on network load, weather and some others. Our goal is to design an API that is fast, feature filled. And for our developer community to have the chance and to tinker with and create some really cool things.
~ Aleksander Rawlins, CEO

The API is already being built and can already make decisions based off weather and network load and even send out text messages and phone calls. It may still be some time before the community has access to the API. But for now it works in the backend of Santites mission criticle services. Ensuring websites load in a timely manner, DNS services are operational, routes with the Santite WiFi Project dont interfere with other traffic and keeping the network secured.