About Santite

About Us

We as a team believe in working together to achieve results. You're Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link.

Active Service Optimization

We actively watch our network & infrastructure to determine what area needs attention the most.

Secure & Reliable

Security is the utmost important thing when it comes to online & keeping your network safe. We continuously check our software for updates and apply them to resolve security risks before they hit hard.

Lightning Quick

While providing a Reliable and secure network, our powerful back-end equitment works hard delivering you that movie you've been planning to see or that new song that got released from your favorite artist. As quick as possible of course.

Santite One

With the power of Security, Reliability and Speed comes with the question of how to control it. The Santite One control panel offers benefits for better managing support and managing your services. All from an easy to use website.

Secure Payments

With Santite you have more then one option to pay for your service. Using PayPal, Stripe and other secure parties your information is in a secured enviroment. No if's and's or but's.

Santite Care

We know the Internet can be a dangerous and buggy area. Sometimes we need some additional help to get us going forward. Let the Santite Care team assist you when that webpage just wont load, or when your getting that loading symbol that wont go away!

Custom Internet the way you need.